Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: un modo de aplicar la llave de reloj

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: un modo de aplicar la llave de reloj

Instructor: Luis "Sucuri" Togno

Professor Luis "Sucuri" Togno stands in David's guard and David wraps his leg around the outside of Sucuri's right leg and hooks his foot into the inside of the thigh. Here, David holds Sucuri's right gi sleeve with a double handed grip. Sucuri grabs David's gi pants and presses his knuckles into the shin.
Alternate Grip: One handed grip on the sleeve and the other hand grabs behind the ankle.
Sucuri makes sure he has established a good base.

He drops his right elbow down to the inside of his knee. He grabs David's gi pants and as he steps back with his left leg to remove David's foot from the hip, his hand takes David's foot to the floor eliminating one leg.

As Sucuri steps back with his free leg, he immediately grabs the pants leg of David's "hooking" foot.
Roll by taking your shoulder to the floor near his hip.
Sucuri makes sure to maintain his hold on David's gi sleeve and also to hook David's leg as he rolls.
As soon as the roll is completed, Sucuri continues his momentum to control the back position.
As soon as Sucuri establishes the back control he reaches under both of David's arms and grabs both gi lapels and establishes a very tight control.